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Money Transfers

In order to send money via INTELIEXPRESS you should visit INTELIEXPRESS branches or partner organizations and ask them to use INTELIEXPRESS system.

Mandatory information: receiver’s name, surname, and destination.

After making money transfer operator will pass а unique transfer code to а sender. The sender should pass it only to the receiver of the transaction. The receiver has to show unique code while receiving the transfer.

Transfer commission depends on the destination of the transaction. In order to define the exact commission please contact our customer service.

Receiver can withdraw INTELIEXPRESS money transfer on the territory of Georgia from INTELIEXPRESS service points and the following partner banks: Bank of Georgia, Liberty bank, TBC bank, Basisbank, Terabank, Credo bank, Cartu bank, Silk Road bank, VTB bank. (Transactions inside the country can not be withdrawn in the following banks: Bank of Georgia and Liberty bank).

The receiver can withdraw INTELIEXPRESS money transfer from INTELEXPRESS branches or offices of partner organizations, by providing unique code number.

The receiver can withdraw money transfer from INTELEXPRESS branches or offices of partner organizations by providing unique code number.

Money transfer status can be checked online or by contacting INTELIEXPRESS customer service. It is mandatory to provide unique transfer code and transactional details (information about the sender, quantity of money).

As usual, our customers receive money transfers immediately, or in maximum 10-15 minutes, after the transaction is made.

To get the money transfer receiver should provide a unique code number and ID card/passport. Money transfer can not be withdrawn with a driving license.

Third part can only withdraw money transfer if only he/she will provide notarized power of attorney.

In case the customer is expecting money transfer the sender will contact him/her to give a unique transfer code. If a person is not expecting transaction there is a probability that he/she received an SMS by mistake. It is probable that the operator or sender indicated the wrong number while making a transaction. note We never share transfer code.

A customer can not receive transactions of Western Union and Ria. For more information about systems and corridors please contact customer service.

The currency of money transfer depends on the countries of both sender and receiver. The customer can withdraw the transaction in a different currency other than the currency in which the transfer was sent. In this kind of cases, we always try to offer the best exchange rate.

Working Hours of INTELIEXPRESS branches

Some INTELIEXPRESS branches, in Tbilisi and Kutaisi, work 24 hours. For additional information please follow the link.

Working hours for weekends are the same as for working days.

Pawn and mortgage loans

INTELIEXRESS issues pawn and mortgage loans. Pawn loans are secured by precious metals. Mortgage loans are secured by real estate. (Mortgage loans are issued for customer and other purposes).

Pawnshop in INTELIEXPRESS main branch works every day 24/7 (for address please follow the link). For working hours of other INTELIEXPRESS pawnshops please contact our customer service.

INTELIEXPRESS pawn loan interest can be paid in any INTELIEXPRESS branch, regardless of where the customer pawned it. INTELIEXPRESS pawn loan can not be paid from Pay Boxes.

Currency Exchange

Yes, in this kind of cases special exchange rate can be discussed with INTELIEXPRESS treasury.


Please contact INEX GROUP on the following number: +995 32 249 26 26