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Credit Card

Inteliexpress issues Mastercard cards. The card has a pre-approved amount limit and can be used at any time.

The card holder can:

  • make money transfers remotely, without going to the branch;
  • Pay at any merchant and online store
  • Withdraw the approved limit from the ATM
  • Use card in public transport

Order an Inteliexpress MasterCard Standard card and use it anytime and anywhere where MasterCard is accepted.

Inteliexpress also issues additional cards. You can order an additional card for your loved ones along with your card.

Instead of remittance, transfer money from your primary card to an additional card easily. In Georgia, your relatives will use the money for free.

Additional Card Benefits:

·       Detailed information about transactions and balance (via SMS service).

·       Easily transfer money from card to card: by phone call, or at branches.

·       Your relative can use the money for free with the card.

·       View transaction statements online at www.inexpay.ge.

Frequently Asked Questions

·      Where can I order an additional card? – You can order an additional card by phone, in person at the branch, or online through the Inteliexpress website.

·      How many additional cards can be ordered? – The number of additional cards is not limited.

·      Can I make an additional card for myself? – Yes, you can.

·      How do I pay off the card debt? – The used overdraft amount is settled through our branches as per standard procedure.


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