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Inteliexpress is fast money transfer system. Its core business is money transfers between individuals, without opening a bank account. As usual, our customers receive money immediately, or in maximum 15 minutes, after the transaction is made.

Money transfers are sent from Inteliexpress or partner organizations’  branches. Mandatory information: receiver’s name, surname, and destination.

As soon as the transaction is made sender will receive a unique transfer code, which should be passed only to the receiver of the money transfer.

To get the money transfer receiver needs to provide a unique code number and ID card/passport.

You can check the transfer status with code number and time of transaction online.

In case the sender indicates the receiver’s mobile number while sending the money transfer, the receiver will get SMS informing him about its availability.

Personal data of every customer is confidential and strictly secure. We have experienced technology of customer data protection, which provides the highest standard of data security.

For additional information please contact our customer service.

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