Renovated Branch of INTELIEXPRESS in Tbilisi, Georgia

Renovated Branch of INTELIEXPRESS in Tbilisi, Georgia

Worldwide money transfer system Inteliexpress reopened renovated branch in Tbilisi. Branch is located near Metro Delisi on the following Address: 46 Vazha-Pshavela Ave.

Branch works 24/7.

Inteliexpress clients will receive the following services:

  • Fast money transfers in more than 70 states
  • Transfers to Bank account in countries of Europe and Asia
  • Currency Exchange
  • Utilities and other payments
  • Pawn loans
  • Mortgages

Both individuals and legal entities can use Inteliexpress services.

Inteliexpress is Worldwide money transfers system licensed in EU, UK and Georgia. System has special licenses from Central Banks of the following countries: Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Philippians, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Inteliexpress has its own branches in Georgia, UK, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey.

For the list of Inteliexpress branches in Georgia please follow the link.