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INTELIEXPRESS is fast worldwide money transfer system, founded in 2006 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is the first Georgian money transfer system licensed in EU, UK, Georgia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet States.

INTELIEXPRESS operates in more than 50 countries worldwide and is rapidly growing year over year. The system has its own branches in Greece, UK, Italy, and Georgia. Besides it has partnership relations with various banks and money transfer systems all over the world. Based on both own service points and partner’s ones INTELIEXPRESS covers almost all continents and is still focused on expanding its network.

INTELIEXPRESS is a reliable financial organization with leading positions on the market. Its service includes money transfers between individuals, commercial payments (loans repayments, utility payments, etc.), money transfers to the bank account, loan services and other financial operation.

Our values stand on friendship, family and human relations. We try to act according to these universal principles and consider our customers as the members of our big family.

We are equipped with advanced data security technology and employing specific working procedures to best protect users, we has made significant financial and technological investments pertaining to the safety and integrity of our data base, aiming to the utmost security and strictest possible protection of client’s funds and personal data, utilizing cutting-edge methods of security technology. We are actively cooperating with OFAC and using Dow Jones data in order to fight against money laundering and financing terrorism.

INTELIEXPRESS offers high quality, safe and fast services to the hundreds of thousands of customers daily.


INTELIEXPRESS was founded in Tbilisi, Georgia; Being Registered and Licensed by the National Bank of Georgia.

INTELIEXPRESS opened the first branch in Georgia.

INTELIEXPRESS Greece founded in Athens; being licensed by Central Bank of Greece.

INTELIEXPRESS opened the first branch in Greece.

INTELIEXPRESS expanded its network in the CIS countries – Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and etc.

INTELIEXPRESS joined the network of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) the US Department of the Treasury.

INTELIEXPRESS joined the Dow Jones Risk and Compliance Feed service.

INTELIEXPRESS started offering new services – Utility and Bill Payments.

INTELIEXPRESS expanded its payment network in Europe – Italy, Spain, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

INTELIEXPRESS expanded its payment network in Asia – Philippines, Israel, Indonesia, etc.

INTELIEXPRESS opened its first branch in UK.

INTELIEXPRESS expanded in the South Africa and the Far East – Mongolia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mali, Madagascar and etc.

INTELIEXPRESS system became a member of SWIFT.

As a Supervised Financial Institution, INTELIEXPRESS Greece Receives “Payment Institution Status” for payment services provided within the European Community, Directive 2007-64-EC.

INTELIEXPRESS was licensed by the National Bank of Ukraine as an international money transfer system in the Ukraine.

INTELIEXPRESS UK became an agent of an authorized payment institution.

Apart from Money transmitter, Intel Express UK was registered as a Bureau de change.

INTELIEXPRESS UK started to act as an agent of Authorized payment institution.

INTELIEXPRESS expanded its network in Italy by opening first own branch in Bari

INTELIEXPRESS Georgia launched a new product – Send money NOW and Pay later.

INTELIEXPRESS expanded its network in Turkey.

INTELIEXPRESS Greece launched a new service – Utility, Bill and Insurance payments in Greece.

INTELIEXPRESS expanded its network in the South American countries – Columbia, Chile, Cuba, Paraguay, Uruguay and etc.

INTELIEXPRESS was licensed by the National Bank of Kazakhstan as an international money transfer system in Kazakhstan.

INTELIEXPRESS expended its network in Asian countries – Thailand, Sri-Lanka, India, Pakistan, China.

INTELIEXPRESS was granted with the status of “Important payment system” in Ukraine by National Bank of Ukraine.

INTELIEXPRESS expanded its network in USA.

INTELIEXPRESS opened its branches in Cyprus.


Every customer is valuable and highly important for us. Communication with them is extremely interesting and unique experience, that’s why we have individual, open and friendly attitude towards each client. Our branches are the places for pleasant meetings, where people can come, talk and spend some time whether or not they use our service.

Our mission and the main goal is to connect people, make their life easier and little bit less stressful. The initial motivation for launching Inteliexpress was to simplify the lives of people, to reduce problems and to change their everyday lives in a positive way. That’s why our company constantly works on improving existing services and developing new ones, as well as engaging in community-oriented projects. 

The main values of Inteliexpress are friendship, family and human relations and our customers are members of our big family.

Inteliexpress – more than money transfer.