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This Privacy Policy of INTELIEXPRESS is to respect and protect the privacy of our users

When providing service INTELIEXPRESS may gather a certain type of information such as the full name of individual remitter and recipient, as well as personal identification number, identification document number, proof of address and telephone number. In terms of service conditions or/and volume of money transfer, additional information and documents may be requested and gathered. Such information may be gathered directly by INTELIEXPRESS or/and its representative offices, branches, agencies, partnerships through INTELIEXPRESS provides its service.

INTELIEXPRESS, its representative offices, branches, agencies, partners (hereinafter referred to as the recipient of information) shall maintain the confidentiality of information available on service users (customers) and use such information only for the purpose of providing service to its customer.

One of the examples of gathering information is a presentation of personal identification information under the appropriate documentation when a remitter sends a money transfer, as well as submission of personally identifiable information on a recipient and other information on money transfer.

Personal information is used by the recipient of information when carrying out a transaction assigned by the user. To contact the user, if required by the service, as well as to implement a marketing offer personal information may be also used in any other way prescribed by the applicable law. The issues related to private information are subject to the laws of the country where it is located.

The recipient of information shall be entitled to disclose private information on the user to law-enforcement agencies or/and other competent authorities if we believe in good faith that the applicable law requires such information.
When the user-furnished the recipient of information with private information on any third party, the user shall bear a liability that he/she has taken consent from the third party for delivery of such information.
The recipient of information shall be liable to hold the existing database on the user’s private information harmless.

INTELIEXPRESS may modify the Terms and Conditions at any time in compliance with the provisions of the applicable laws. Furthermore, INTELIEXPRESS shall be authorized to carry out activities not provided under the present Terms and Conditions and not in conflict with the applicable laws.